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Palmer ISD Featured In Ennis Daily News

100 percent voter turnout by entire staff Sticking together like a team of horses, teachers in Palmer were cited this week by the Friends of Texas Public Schools at their annual gala in Waco, which was held at the Baylor Club. They were recognized for their voting record during both the 2018 and 2019 state and local elections. It wasn’t how or who they voted for, but rather, that 100 percent of their staff turned out to vote. As a result of their excellent example in what they believe is their civic duty, the Friends of Texas Public Schools chose Palmer ISD as its Founders’ Distinguished Service Honoree. Asked to receive the award for their collective voting was Palmer Superintendent Kevin Noack. Asked about the staff at the three campuses, which average about 60 employees per campus, Noack said, “For the most part the attitude has been great. You always have a couple that (had) never voted or don’t vote now,” he said. “It is just an expectation of ours now to vote. I guess you could say we have created a culture of voting. “On several occasions it has gotten people more involved in politics,” he continued. “I have some now that want to discuss state politics more in depth. It also is a model of civic duty for our students.” Palmer ISD has placed a short video on their web page about the subject. Noack, now in his 11th year at the post, said that early voting was done by the staff at campuses, which was an added convenience. He mentioned the leadership at each school as well, where Brian Warner is the high school principal, Kristen Middlebrooks is the middle school principal and Allyson King leads the elementary as principal. The Friends of Texas Public Schools released this statement: “The Palmer Independent School District family of educators has consistently achieved what many believe is the impossible, 100 percent of its staff turned out to vote in the 2018 and 2019 state and local elections. What’s their secret? “The bold and courageous leadership of Palmer ISD Superintendent Mr. Kevin Noack and his Board of Trustees. He has very simply created an expectation that every staff member show up at the polls as a model of good citizenship for the students in their care. “Palmer ISD has established an authentic and perfectly legal culture of voting. And so, for this extraordinary achievement, Friends of Texas Public Schools presents Palmer ISD with its 2019 Founders’ Distinguished Service Award.” They added a few comments about the impact of voting. “Elections matter. Legislators respond to those who vote. Lobbying is a critical part of the legislative process, but no amount of lobbying amounts to the influence achieved by showing up at the polls. “Public education was not a priority during the 2017 legislative session because educators had not shown up as a profession to vote in decades. Educators then mobilized in 2018 with 57 percent of the profession voting in 2018. It is not a coincidence that public education was suddenly a priority in this most recent 2019 legislative session. Let’s take a page from Palmer ISD’s playbook and mobilize all 700,000+ educators across this great state to go vote in the 2019 primary and general elections.”

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