•      On behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and administration, I welcome you to the Palmer Independent School District.  We are extremely excited about the accomplishments, changes made, and the changes yet to come to our district.  We are grateful for the commitment by the community of Palmer to see that a quality education is achieved by all students of Palmer ISD and for future opportunities for years to come.  The accomplishments reached by our athletic teams, academics and fine arts provide our community a sense of pride in Palmer.

         Our goals for Palmer ISD students are to prepare them for the future and become responsible individuals who will graduate competent and confident regardless of whether they enter the workforce or attend a college or university.  It is our goal that our students leave knowing the difference between right and wrong and that hard work always leads to a positive outcome.

         Our school buildings are full of educators that are willing to work hard and strive for excellence.  Our staff is highly motivated, highly qualified and genuinely care about our students.  Our buildings and grounds are cared for by the very best staff in the state and are clean and well maintained.  We have extensive and well thought-out safety protocols in place to create a safe place to learn for our students.

         We continually strive to keep our district on the cutting edge of education to best enrich our student's educational experiences. These choices make it very obvious the district and the community of Palmer recognize the importance of an education. We have made great progress over the years to attain these goals and accomplishments and will continue to work together with students, parents and community members to provide a first class education for your children and grandchildren.


    Kevin Noack


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    Phone: 972-449-3389
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    Email: kevin.noack@palmer-isd.org
  • Kevin Noack