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    Click here for the School Rush App Link

    Your School, District and Teacher will be using a new APP for parent communication – School Rush! App. We hope you will join in to receive updates and reminders from your child's school/class.


    What does the School Rush! APP do?


    School Rush! provides direct push communication and text messages from your child's teacher, school/district to you.  It also allows the school district to push messages to you directly - for example, about bus delays or if we have to cancel school.

    Want to know more?  Click watch the tutorial at demo.schoolrush.com

    There is an Android update available for Android App users.
    This update fixes the issue of notifications not being received and intermittent app freezes.
    If you are using an Android device for SchoolRush, download the update by following the steps below.
    1) Open the Google Play Store on their device
    2) In the Search field at the top, enter SchoolRush
    3) Select the SchoolRush App
    4) Select Update