• About FCS:

    FCS stands for Fellowship of Christian Students. Our mission is to develop leadership skills in our students through serving our school using Biblical principles of kindness, servanthood, and encouragement. Middle schoolers are easily focused on seeing how people are different from one another. We hope that FCS can help us see how we are similar in so many ways, facing similar struggles, sharing the same goals and dreams, etc. FCS meets twice a month during 5th/6th grade lunch. It is an open club, you do not have to be nominated or elected. FCS sponsors campus projects/events such as: See You At The Pole, custodian/maintenance/cafeteria workers appreciation, candlelight Christmas service, worship at a nursing home and serving at a homeless shelter.

    FCS is sponsored by Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Zhanel and Mrs. Patak.

    Candlelight Christmas

    FCS Christmas