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  • If you would like me to assist you in trying out a new tech idea in your class, I would be glad to help you set it up and try it out for the first time.  That way, if the technology does not work, you can blame it on me! Please make a ticket at the Technology HelpDesk if you would like my assistance.

    Susan Noack,

    Instructional Technologist


    Phone 972-449-3389 Ext. 6020                

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    WE ARE OFFICIALLY A GOOGLE CLASSROOM DISTRICT!  To access any Google application, please use the Chrome Browser and sign in on your Palmer-isd.org account.  


    If you are having technical difficulty please create a ticket on the Technology HelpDesk on the Palmer ISD website.  There is no problem too big or small to post there.  If you email me with the problem I will come give you a hug and tell you to be patient until Stephen Michael gets there.