• Welcome!  If you are reading this, your student is probably in one of my classes.  I am Mrs. Butler, and I teach Accounting II, BIM I, and BIM II.  It is unfortunate that we have had to alter the next few weeks of our school year, but I will try to the best of my ability to deliver fair and relevant assignments to your student so that he/she can complete the course in which he/she is enrolled.
    I am currently posting assignments for all three courses for the Week of March 30.  The work may be completed by using either Google products (Docs, Slides), or Microsoft Office products (Word, PowerPoint).  Upon completion, the work will be emailed or shared with me by noon of the deadline date given for the assignment.  Please pay careful attention to deadlines.  I understand sometime your Internet may be a little crazy (I had problems with mine last week), but please at least touch base with me through an email to let me know that you are at least attempting the work.  
    Please be sure to check back regularly for any and all updates, and to email me at
    jbutler@palmer-isd.org if you have any questions.  
    I will also try to send out weekly emails to students in each course, so please look for them.