• 8th grade Science 2019-2020
    Week of Aug. 19-23
    Monday:        introductions/information page
                           *index cards
                           *website/google classroom
                           *lab safety page-bring tomorrow
    Tuesday:        *review lab safety page    
                            *lab safety--eyewash, etc.
                           *scientific minds--symbols
                           *review/Lab Safety Quiz--end of class period
    Wednesday:  *pass back safety quiz
                           Cabbage Juice Lab (scientific method lab)
                           *turn in lab form at end of class/clean-up
                           *moose sheet-scientific method
    Thursday:      Review moose sheet
                           Assign books/set-up google classroom
                           Unit 1:  Lesson 2 and 3 pg. 31 and 45
                           Unit 2-Graphing mean, median, mode
                                  pgs. 79, 85
                          Pass out scientific processes/vocab-due Wedn.
                         *pkt--finish for homework
    Friday:          Graphing homework/turn in
                          Pass back graded lab forms
                          Density beads demo
                          *Density Drill wksht
    Week of Aug. 26-30
    Monday:   *signed forms
                     *Create density triangles/review
                     * Practice Density Calculations
                     * hmwk:  Practice Density Calculations
    Tuesday:  *Turn in Density calculations homework 
                     * Work questions on board--Density Calculations wksht-check off grade
                     * Assign Study Island-1st Six Weeks, and google classroom sign-up, etc.
    Wednesday:  *Vocab DUE--Scientific Processes
                           *Unit 2-Lesson 2
                          *Little Millie Metric wksht
                          What is Science pkt-finish for homework
    Thursday:     *Go over  Unit 1 and 2 Reviews
                          *What is Science pkt--pass back and go over
                          *Study Guide-Scientific Processes  (Test tomorrow)
    Friday:          *Scientific Processes Test
                          *Assign Atoms Vocabulary
    Week of Sept. 3rd -Sept. 6th
    Monday    No School-Labor Day
    Tuesday:  *Unit 3-Lesson 1 Atoms 
                      *books-pg. 115-119
                     *scient. minds/youtube atoms song
                     *Atoms wksht
    Wednesday  *finish Unit 3 lesson 1 info
                          *scientific minds
                           *pg. 119-121 in book
                           *lesson review pg. 125
                         *Atomic Strx sheet
                         *isotopes/different elements
    Thursday:   *magnet atoms-on board
                         *finish Isotopes, etc.
                         *Notes-ionic/covalent bonding
                         *bonding wksht 
    Friday:     *turn in Vocabulary--Atoms and Periodic Table
                    *matching game--atomic theory
                    *the atom" wksht
                    *Atoms QUIZ
                    *practice question packet (atoms)--due Monday
    Week of Sept. 9-13
    Monday:  *turn in atoms packets/pass back graded work
                   *Books-Periodic Table-pgs. 128-134/pg. 142
                    Lesson Review-pg. 145
                    *Notes--Periodic Table (ppt)
                    *Periodic Table hand-out / 2 wkshts--ID elements wksht/Int. Periodic Table
    Tuesday:  *review orally Periodic Table trends
                     *"Musical" Periodic Table
                     *scientific minds-P. Table/P. Table Song
                     *P. Table wksht/Magic Squres wksht 
    Wednesday:  turn in wkshts
                          *Atoms Review Sheet
                           *PTable Groups and Periods
                           *PT Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids
                           *New Path PTable sheet
    Thursday:  Atoms Review Sheet
                      *Periodic Table Review Packet
    Friday:      Turn in Periodic Table review packet
                       *Work on Study Island
    Week of Sept. 16-20
    Monday:      *warm-up--atoms and p. table  
    *review-Atoms and Periodic table
                            *pass back graded work, go over
                            *baggie activity-atomic theory
                            *P. Table review worskheet
    Tuesday:         *chemical reactions demos/video clips
                            *Study Guide for TEST tomorrow-P. Table and atoms
                            *Kahoot--P. table and atoms
    Wednesday:        TEST--Atoms and Periodic Table
                           Vocab--Chemical reactions and equations--due Mon. 9/24
                           *book-pgs. 150-157/pass out dividers
                          notes--chemical reactions
                          scient. minds-chemical reactions
                          *practice wkshts--physical or chemical reactions 
                        review chemical/physical reaction info
                        *practice wkshts--chem/phys reactions
    Friday:          counting atoms
                          *practice sheets-counting atoms
                          *homework-counting atoms
    Week of Sept. 23-27
                          *explain balancing equations
                          *pass back work
                          *8 questions over chemical reactions/equations
                          *STAAR practice packet
    Tuesday:      *explain element/compound/mixture info
                          *turn in STAAR practice packet 
                         *study guide for six weeks test/review materials
                          *allow time to work on study guide
    Wednesday:  Six Weeks Test
    Thursday:      *pass out divider
                          *book-pg. 175-180 (Unit 4/Lesson 1)
                          *describing motion wksht
                          *speed/time/distance wksht/Speed Graph 
                           *scientific minds--motion and speed/velocity
                            *make SPEED triangles
                            *practice speed calculations -hmk
    Week of Sept. 30th-Oct. 4th
    Monday:       *speedy journey warm-up page
                          *toy car lab-speed and acceleration
    Tuesday:      *book-pg. 180/lesson review-pg. 185
                         *video clips-acceleration/etc.
                          *acceleration wksht
                          *speed/acceleration practice questions
    Wednesday:  *turn in speed vocabulary
                          *pass back graded work and go over-lab form, speed calc's, etc.
                          *more acceleration practice
                          *Speed, velocity, acceleration  calculations practice/check-off grade
    Thursday:      balanced/unbalanced force
                          Notes--ppt--balanced/unbalanced forces
                          *scientific minds-force and motion
                          *book-pgs. 188-192 and 192/3
                          *Net Force wksht
    Friday:          *turn in Net Force wksht
                         *warm-up (Net Force questions on board)
                         *Newton's Laws--notes
                         *scient. minds--newton's Laws
                          *book-pgs. 202-12 and 194/195
                         *Lesson Revierw pg. 213
                         *video clips--Newton's Laws/Speed/Roller Coaster
     Week of October 7th-11th
    Monday:       No School-Fair Day!
    Tuesday:      Newton's Laws
                         Oral Review
                        *F = mXa Triangle
                         *Newton's Laws video clips
                        *Newton's Laws wksht/calculating Force
                         *Newton's Laws practice wksht 
                            *turn in Force and Motion Vocab/turn in homework practice sheet
                            *Warm-up on board-Which of Newton's Laws?
                            --Force and Motion-calculations warm-up
                            *Calculations Practice-check off grade
                           *Newton's Laws 20 question packet--in class
                           *Newton's Laws packet-homework
    Thursday:       *turn in homework packet/go over
                           *pass back graded work
                             *Unit 4 Review-book
                             *baggie activity-force and motion terms
                           *Study Guide--go over 
                           *Kahoot if time allows                    
    Friday:           TEST--Force and Motion
                          *assign vocab--Kinetic and Potential energy
    Week of Oct. 14-18
    Monday:         *grade updates
                           *review 1st six week test-most missed questions
                           *review force and motion test
                           *energy vocabulary-due Friday/Study Island--Due Friday
    Tuesday:        *pass out dividers/notes/vocab
                            *notes-potential and kinetic energy
                           scient. minds--Kinetic and Potential energy
                           *video clips--energy
                           *pass out poppers/slinkies
                           *wkshts--kinetic and potential energy
    Wednesday:   *warm-up sheet (force and motion)
                           *Notes--ppt--Conduction, Convection, Radiation
                           *scientifc minds-cond., conv., radiation
                           *conduction plates (pass out/discuss)
                           *wkshts--practice w/conduction/convection/radiation
    Thursday:        Finish-conduction/convection/radiation
                            *Energy Transformation-Scientific minds 
                            *explain-energy transformation
                            *energy transformation practice wkshts
    Friday:             *turn in Energy vocab-Study Island due at 3:20
                            *more energy transformation practice
                            *video clips
                            *Energy transformation baggies--matching activity
    PLANS FROM 2018-2019
    Week of Oct. 21-25
    Monday:         *turn in energy vocab and transformation practice hmwk
                            *conduction/convection--ice cream lab
                            *turn in lab forms when completed
    Tuesday:        *Review energy-test tomorrow
                            *energy transformation questions-warm-up
                            *kahoot review
                           *Study Guide-go over/allow time to complete
    Wednesday:   *TEST--Energy
                           *turn in study guides
                           *Study Island
    Thursday:      *work and machines
                           *new dividers
                           *notes-book and ppt/simple machines chart
                           *WORK triangle handout
                           *scientific minds--work (and video) and simple machines
                           *work = force (distance) wksht
    Friday:            *continue calculating work practice
                            *warm-up--calculations practice
                            *work practice sheet
                            *calculating "work"
                           *work practice problems
                           *work and machines questions-due Mon. 
    Week of Oct. 28-Nov. 1
    Monday:          *complete work and simple machines questions and turn in
                             *STAAR Practice Packet--work/force/motion
    Tuesday:         Organic Molecules
                              *practice questions-biomolecules
    Wednesday:    Organic Molecules
                                *notes from book
                                *chem of life wksht/life molecules wksht
                                *chart and baggie activity
    Thursday:      Early Release Day
                            *Halloween Lab (Demo) Day
    Friday:            *Senior Pep Rally Day
                             *warm-up calculations practice
                             *practice STAAR packet-complete and turn in
    Week of Nov. 4-8
    Monday:          *pass back graded work/go over
                             *Study Guide
                             *Kahoot review
                             *Baggie Review 
    Tuesday:         *oral review of study guide
                             *time to complete study island and/or study guide for six weeks test
    Wednesday:    Six Weeks TEST
                            binder check
    Thursday:    Cells-notes-pro/eukaryotic cells
                         Cells chart
                        cells-discuss organelles
                        *scientific minds
    Friday:         PEP RALLY
                         *more cell organelles practice questions
                        *cell organelles practice wksht
    Week of Nov. 11-15
    Monday:      Veteran's Day Assembly
                        *assign "cells" study island due Monday
                        *assign "shrinkable cell" project due Friday
                         *cell wksht
                        Cell practice packet--turn in w/cell bubble activity sheet
                     *mitosis/meiosis notes
                     *mitosis/meiosis scientific minds
                     *explanation on board
                     *asexual/sexual reproduction notes
                           *recap cell repro
                           *cell wksht-in class
                           *study island cells packet
                           *cell practice worksheet
    Thursday:    turn in cells vocab
                         *cells wksht
                         *cells video clips
    Friday:        turn in shrinkable cells
                        turn in cells packet
                        shrink cells in oven in lounge
                        *begin "cells quiz" assignment
    Week of November 18 - November 22
    Monday:       *cells practice wksht/assign questions for warm-up
                          *photosynthesis/respiration notes-ppt
                          *scientific minds--photosy/cellular respiration 
                          *practice questions
                          *photosynthesis/resp. wksht-homework
                          *review photosynthesis/respiration-oral review
                          *practice questions over photosynthesis/respiration
                               (study island questions/energy in a cell/))
                     *photos/resp packet-hmwk
    Wednesday:   * Light and Eelctromagnetic spectrum notes
                           *book-pgs. 309-319
                           *scient. minds notes
                           * light page w/questions-go over
                           *measuring up light pkt-due tomorrow
    Thursday:      *turn in pkt
                          *warm-up - Cells/photosynthesis
                          *light demo day
                               (make UV bracelettes, video clip-How a Bee Sees/prisms/diffraction glasses, laser video clips,etc.)
                          *if time allowswork on Study Island
    Friday:           *Review-Cells, Light, Photosynthesis/Respiration
                              *pass back work/reivew
                          *QUIZ-over cells, light, photosynthesis, respiration
    Week of December 2-6
                          *pass back quiz-cells, photosynthesis, light, etc.
                          *review study guide
                          *work on study guide
                           TEST TOMORROW
                          TEST--cells, photosynthesis/light
                           Vocab--DNA/ Genetics-due next Tuesday
    Wednesday;   DNA-structure and function
                            *scientific minds
                           *DNA replication practice
                           *DNA practice wksht/DNA structure wksht
    Thursday:      DNA extraction demo
                           *DNA replication simulation
                           *DNA practice wkshts
    Friday:           *warm-up--DNA and cells
                           *turn in DNA structure packet
                           *Begin Genetics/heredity info
    Week of December 9-13
    Monday:       *review Genetics/Heredity
                          *Punnett Squares-explanation and practice
                          *Punnett Squares
    Tuesday:   *Finish Punnett Squares/turn in
                           *book notes--Genetics/Heredity
                           *practice wkshts (8 question Genetics wksht)
    Wednesday:       *Genetics Traits Lab
                                (PTC paper)
                               *Assign Take-Home Genetics TEST--due Friday -end of period  (DNA and Genetics)
    Thursday:         Natural Selection
                                *Change through time sheet
                                *deer/cactus sheet
                                *practice questions-Natural Selection/Evolution (hmwk)
                             *turn in natural selection homework
                             *Complete Take Home test and turn in by end of class period
                             *Work on Study Island
    WEEK OF DEC. 16-20
    Monday:        *turn in Take Home Test
                         *Work on Semester Exam Review
    Tuesday:         *work on Semester Exam Review
    Wednesday:     *Semester Exams--pds. 1, 2
    Thursday:         *Semester Exams--pds. 5,6,7
    Friday:              *Semester Exams--pds.  3,4
    Week of January 6-10
    Monday:    NO SCHOOL-Teacher Work Day
    Tuesday:   review semester exams--frequently missed questions
                    *work on Study Island--due tomorrow-end of day
     Wednesday:  ecology unit
                           *vocab--due Monday
                            *notes/scient. minds/
                            *food chain/web/pyramid
                            *new study island--due Monday
                             *Assign ECOLOGY PACKET--due Monday
    Thursday:  Food chain/web yarn activity
                       *wksht--lesson reivew pg. 353
                       books-pg. 507 lesson review
                       scientific minds
    Friday:     Cycles--carbon, nitrogen, water, etc.
                      scient. minds
                      practice sheet-water inventory
                      *work on vocabulary, study island, ecology packet--all due Monday
    Week of Jan. 13-17
                  recap--cycles (carbon, water, etc.)
                  *turn  in ecology vocabulary
                  *study guide--Ecology
                  *scient. minds--ecology             
    Tuesday:  Review Ecology
                    *pass back packets/vocab
                    *go over study guide/kahoot
                    *taxonomy vocab--Due Thurs.
    Wednesday: test--Ecology
                         *assign taxonomy vocabulary
    Thursday:  Taxonomy
                       *book notes
                        *scient. minds--classification
                        *wksht--Organizing Life's diversity
    Friday:   *Assign new Study Island topic
                  *Review Taxonomy info
                  *Six Kingdoms" clip
                  *taxonomy chart--on board
    Week of Jan. 20-24
    Monday-- No School--MLK Jr. Day
    Tuesday:   *scientific minds--classification
                       *taxonomy charts--reivew and complete
    Wednesday:  Dichotomous Key
                            *book notes
                            *assign sea turtle dichotomous key--due Thurs.
    Thursday:          *turn in sea turtle dichotomous key
                                *review all of classification info
                                *Study Guide
    Friday:             Taxonomy TEST
                              *assign Unit 5 vocabulary-Due Fri. 1/31
    Week of Jan. 27-31
    Monday:           Unit 5--Earth and Space-Days, Years, Seasons
                               read notes in book, Lesson review page 253
                               *scientific minds-seasons
                               *measuring up pkt--
    Tuesday:          *turn in 5.1 meas. up packet
                              Unit 5.2--Moon Phases
                              read notes in book, Lesson review page
                              *scient. minds
                              *video clips--moon phases/lunar landing 1969
    Wednesday:    *moon phases practice packet-practice in class/check-off grade
                             *meas. up moon phases practice packet-homework
    Thursday:         *turn in moon phases pkt
                              Unit 5.3--Tides
                              *read book notes/lesson review pg. 257
                              *youtube clip-Nova Scotia
                              *tides-measuring up packet
    Friday:             *turn in Unit 5 vocab
                             *Turn in tides meas. up packet
                             *review orally all Unit 5 material
                             *unit 5 Review in book #1-12
    Week of Feb. 3-7
                         6.1--Universe/Light years
                                Lesson Review-pg. 279
                         *video clips-Universe/light years
                         *assign Unit 6 vocabulary-due Friday
                         *assign measuring up Universe packet
                         6.2--Sun and Stars/Lesson review-pg. 291
                         scient. minds--the sun and other stars
                         6.3--Begin Star Life Cycles
    Wednesday:   *turn in Meas. up-universe
                           *6.3-Star Life Cycles
                                *pgs. 294-302/Lesson Reivew pg. 303
                              *scient. minds--Stars/Life Cycle
                              *assign measuring up STARS pkt-homework
    Thursday:       *turn in STARS measuring up packet
                           6.4--pg. 308-320/Lesson review pg. 321
                           6.5--pg. 324-332/Lesson review pg. 333
                          *scient. minds
                           "The Universe"  hmwk pg
    Friday:           *turn in Unit 6 vocabulary
                           *NewPath learning warm-up
                           *Unit 6 Review #1-12-complete and review
                           *Study Island
    Week of Feb. 10-14
    Monday:       *Pass back graded work
                         *Unit 5 and 6 review-orally
                         *study guide--Unit 5 and 6 test
                         *Kahoot-Earth and Space
    Tuesday:      *TEST--Unit 5 and 6 
                         *vocab-Unit 7 --due Friday 
    Wednesday:  7.1--Continental Drift/Pangea
                                 notes/lesson review
                                 *scient. minds
                                 *PANGEA puzzle activity
                                 *practice questions
    Thursday:      7.2--Plate Tectonics
                                 notes/lesson review
                                 *Plate Tectonics packet-complete
    Friday:         *pass back STAAR review packet--go over
                         *Candy Bar Lab--Plate Tectonics (valentine's day)
                          *Pass out STAAR reivew for Six Weeks Test
    Week of Feb. 17-21
    Monday:              NO SCHOOL--PRESIDENT"S DAY!!
    Tuesday:            f8th Grade MATH BENCHMARK
                                 (review for six weeks test in afternoon)
    Wednesday:        *8th grade-READING BENCHMARK
                             (review for six weeks test in afternoon)
    Thursday:            *Six Weeks TEST
                                  *Turn in Unit 7 TAKE HOME TEST
    Friday:                 *STAAR Review Material
    Week of Feb. 25-March 1
    Monday:             *finish six weeks test
                               *binder check
                                    *scientific minds
    Tuesday:            *Weathering/Erosion/Deposition cards activity
                               *7.4--Topographic Maps
                                     --Lesson Review pg. 397
                                     --scient. minds--wksht
                                    --Assign TAKE HOME TEST--Unit 7--Due Friday
    Wednesday:       *Video clips--plate tectonics/San Andreas Fault
                               *explanation of satellite imagery
                               *clips:  how to interpret satellite imagery
                               *Google Earth
                               *practice questions
    Thursday:           *Unit 8---new dividers/Vocabulary--due Tues.
                                8.1/8.2--wind currents/ocean currents
                                           --notes (handout)
                                           --scient. minds
    Friday:                *Unit 7 Take Home Test--DUE
                               *8.3--Global Weather/
                                    --book notes/lesson review
                               *8.4--Weather Patterns
                                      --book info
                                      --video clips:  climate bits:  Peruvian Ocean/Congo River
    Week of March 4-8
    Monday:             *8.4--Weather  (scientific minds)
                                practice sheets
                                clips--weaterh fronts song/tsunami clip/hurricane vs. tornado, etc.
    Tuesday:            Unit 8 review (in book)
                               Unit 8 Practice question packet
                               hand-outs--Earth and Space
                               Earth and Space Assessment--due Friday
    Wednesday:      Body Systems
                                names/structure/overall function
                                *scient. minds
    Thursday:        Body Systems
                            clips:  Heart song/intro to cardio/digestive system, etc.
                             practice questions/hmwk.
    Friday:             *turn in homework
                            *turn in earth and Space Assessment
                            *Reivew 4th six weeks TEST
    Spring Break
    Week of March 18-22
    Monday:          *Acids, Bases and Salts
                            *Category 1:  Matter and Energy review questions
    Tuesday:         *Mentoring Minds-Category 1 Review
                            *Units 1-6 questions
    Wednesday:    *Mentoring Minds--Units 8, 9, 10--done in class together
                             *work on Units 1-6 questions
    Thursday:        *turn in MM  Units 1-6 questions
                             *MM--Units 7, 11, 12--done in class together
                             *MM--Category 1 Assessment (test grade)
    Friday:             *Begin Category 2:  Physics review questions