• Parent Tips for High School Success

    Tip #1

    Organization is the key to success.  Help your child get organized.  Encourage your child to use a daily planner.  Students should record homework assignments, test dates, project due dates, and weekly extracurricular activities.

    Tip #2

    Students must have a set study time at home.  Getting your child into a routine of studying each afternoon or evening will help your child be more prepared for class.  Starting homework at 9:00 pm is not the best time.  Mentally and physically a student is too tired by late evening.

    Tip #3

    Know the dates for progress reports and report cards.  Be “in the know” as to what is happening with your child’s grades.  Log on to the parent portal and see your student’s progress.  Email teachers as needed for assistance with questions regarding progress and homework.

    Tip #4

    Encourage your child to be the best he or she can be and not “just pass”.

    Tip #5

    Attendance is vital!  Students must be in class to learn.  It is the responsibility of the student to get makeup assignments when absent.  Students must be held accountable for their education. 

    Tip #6

    Read the handbook.  Become familiar with local and state guidelines and district policies.

    Tip #7

    Continue to spend quality time with your child.  Let them know you are interested in their activities.  Encourage participation in school activities to create a well-rounded young adult.

    Tip #8

    Children need boundaries and rules at any age.  Resist the desire to be your child’s best friend; be their parent.  Continue to guide and teach your child to make good decisions as they gain more independence in the teen years.