• If your student is enrolled in one of my BIM 1 classes, please click on the link for my class rules.  Included in the rules are details about my policies for absence work, setting up the binder (which counts as a quiz grade), and my expectations.

    Please note that binders will be graded at least 2 times each six weeks: the 3rd week and the 6th week.  There will be no advance notice so they should be set up correctly and graded papers added behind the appropriate divider each day, as well as any notes I have given.  This is why students are required to bring them to class each day. 
    As stated on my rules, if your student misses a day of school, whether extra-curricular or for another reason, he/she has missed an assignment and is responsible for coming into my class either before school, during activity, or after school (with proper notification) to make the work up.  I am usually at school in the morning by 6:45-6:50 if before school is the best option.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Email is probably the best way to get in touch and my email address is jbutler@palmer-isd.org

    BIM 1 Class Rules 2018-19